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BRIEF INTRODUCTION:  Officially opening in May of 1996, Asian Myst is in fact one of the very first adult websites ever to cater to those who admire Asian women.  While it has always had a professional look, Asian Myst has always been a hobby website where I could share my passion for Asian erotica with those of similar tastes.  Over its first few years, it was featured in various Asian magazines, books, and online reviews and was consistently given high praise for originality, frequent updates, and high-quality content.  For more details on this historic website, give the Tourist Guide a read.

December 24, 2004

I had anticipated Asian Myst relaunching some time in December, but that obviously isn't happening.  At this point I'm thinking February might be realistic for the grand opening, but to generate some interest I'll post some goodies shortly.  And to those who care, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

August 20, 2004

Welcome, both new and long-time readers, to Asian Myst.  After a couple years of inactivity, I'm pleased to announce Asian Myst will be returning in the coming months.  Sure, I've said that before, but this time I've recruited an old friend to help out with some fancy-schmancy coding, and who knows what he'll come up with.  At the very least, the site will become much easier for me to update, and therefore updates will be more frequent and regular.

While the focus of the new Asian Myst will be on pictures of Japanese models and AV actresses, I do hope to bring back the Myst Mates, a.k.a. Asian Myst Amateurs.  Many of you always loved those, and it's really fun working with girls who are out to have some fun (online!).

I should have more news soon, so stay tuned!

- MystMan


Thanks to ActionJAV for the new home!